About Fesco

Fesco’s core business is the marketing and distribution of petroleum products such as E10 87 octane, E10 90 octane, automotive diesel oil, ultra low sulphur diesel and lubricants to both retail and commercial customers.

We distribute to our retail customers through our growing network of service stations across the length and breadth of Jamaica.

On the commercial side, we provide efficient, reliable bulk fuel to the manufacturing, construction and transportation industries.

We are a Jamaican owned business and we strongly believe that Jamaicans, given the opportunity, are resilient, industrious, highly productive, and second to none!

We appreciate our customers, all of them, and truly believe that respect begets respect, love begets love and success begets success. Buy Jamaican, buy Fesco.


Our Mission

Our mission is to observe the highest standards of integrity, safety and productivity in the conduct of our business. We will:

  1. Monitor dealer locations regularly to ensure compliance with the safety protocols that we have established for employee training, emergency response drills and asset inspection and maintenance
  2. Utilize the best technology available
  3. Enhance customer value and customer experience
  4. Pursue and engender profitable and fair relationships with customers and dealers
  5. Foster, develop and support the Jamaican economy through a program of local investment and reinvestment, charitable initiatives and employment enhancement

We believe that we can achieve our vision and mission, and differentiate our product via our staff and our facilities.

Fesco Board

Our Staff

  • Courteous
  • Knowledgeable
  • Well dressed and groomed
  • Helpful and willing to assist customers and other members of staff

Our Facilities

  • Clean
  • Well Lit
  • Offers a variety of services including:
    • Convenience store
    • ATM
    • Fast Food
    • Money Services
  • Clean restrooms
7-9 Beechwood Avenue, Kingston, Jamaica